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Collectivity & The Internet

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Hashtags (#stayathome,) petitions, insta trends (live videos, diaristic stories)

In navigating this bizarre public/private space/place individuals, companies, institutions, artists, and activists have struggled but come up with innovative solutions through sharing ideas, information and projects through the internet. Netflix 'n chat, zoom parties (see also zoom mishaps in academic and professional settings), live Yoga, online games to play with your friends or rando internet folks, Pictionary-like & Jackbox TV games, COVID TV and Instagram Live DJ Battles, Ikea instructions to build a blanket fort. The COVID-19 memes are ubiquitous, nihilist millennial & Gen-Z absurdism, stay at home humor, and socio-political dark humor are at an all time high. There's even a facebook group Zoom Memes for Quatenteens

Many institutions are using their social media platforms in an effort to hold engagement during their closures and layoffs (See Academia & the Art World) are inviting people, in their infinite boredom, to recreate works from their collection starting a trend of topical and pithy recreations of often western classics from art history recreated at home with pets, kids, toilet paper and other household objects. 


Celebrity Culture, "Eat the Rich" and corporations

Celebrities reading, preforming, Marxist Brittney 

Socio-Political Movements

Rent Strike,

Close CUNY

Online organizing, resource sharing, calls for solidarity,

Artist-Run Initiatives

Social Distance Gallery, Artists for Humans, Field Projects QCMFA Show, Virtual Topologies. (See Academia & the Art World)

Makers saving the world, Christian Siriano to home sewests and 3D printers making PPE

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