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All Things Must Pass

Project Statement

Exactly 1 year ago, on March 15th of 2020, I submitted a proposal for a public program in conjunction with Art as Social Action:10 Years of Social Practice Queens at the Queens Museum. For months we had no idea if, or when the museum would re-open, what the programming would look like with social distancing precautions and if the show would happen at all. So in January 2021, when I received the email that the exhibition was still on, I had to amend my original proposal of a face to face group zine workshop. I wanted to come up with something that was adaptable and relevant for the exhibit and much more personal and heartfelt. In losing my father this past year amidst societal COVID isolation, I felt I had something to say about grief, translating my deeply personal experiences, pain and inner thought processes outward-- taking something intimate and examining it with a sort of universal or macro perspective. In conceiving of and writing All Things Must Pass, I tried to create a public program that could take place on-site at the museum or at home, a solo activity that was independently driven and hopefully provoking more personal and reflective thought. 


The themes throughout this zine explore healing, processing grief & loss, mindfulness and art as a mental health strategy. in each section I talk a little bit about a particular type of loss that I've experienced over the course of 2020 (and on) and how others may have similar experiences. I also have prompts or activities to encourage introspection, creativity and empathy.


The activities I include, range from physical to mental to emotional and the types of loss I cover are listed below:

  • Loss of a Loved One

  • Loss of Work

  • Loss of Place

  • Loss of Mobility

  • Loss of Senses

  • Loss of Touch

  • Loss of Privacy

  • Loss of Structure

  • Loss of Purpose

  • Loss of Community


I also dedicated a page and activity to Gratitude, as it is always something to keep in mind while grieving. One recent pop culture quote, from WandaVision, that really spoke to me was,"What is grief, if not love persevering?"

And with that thought, here is a digital facsimile of the zine for viewing. I also have free PDF downloads available below to DIY print and bind your own zine.

All Things Must Pass: An Activity Zine For Grief

Open Source Downloads

Venmo @Cristina-Ferrigno for tips & donations

Instructions for zine booklet printing: Choose the DIY Zine Format file on the left. Go into your printer's settings and make sure your printer is set to double sided printing and that short-sided binding is selected. This is so that when it flips the page over, it orients all the pages horizontally. It also helps to select fine/high/image quality printing for the best picture and color quality. An extra-long or booklet style stapler is recommended to bind the pages. You can also sew the pages using a needle and thread with this easy tutorial.

Sharing Circle Event with the Queens Museum - TUESDAY, APRIL 29th 6-7pm

While the zine is essentially framed as a self guided public program that is paired with the exhibition, a virtual event will accompany it. The additional public program would be a zoom event in the form of a grief sharing circle, using the zine as a jumping off point. Invited speakers include Chloë Bass, Janice Quiles-Reyes, Liene Bosque and Rebecca Shapass.

To learn more please visit the Museum Event Page and to RSVP please register here

Other Works For & Within The Zine


My Mom Liz & Brother Alex
Spencer Moore, emotional support BFF

Frances Cathryn of WIP Projects for copy editing
Chloë Bass, Greg Sholette, Social Practice QueensQueens College MFA
Lindsey Berfond, Catherine Grau & The Queens Museum

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