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Artist & Craftsman Supply

Pop-Up Zine Fair & Swap

Saturday, June 24, 2017

This was a community event that I organized for Artist & Craftsman Supply in Long island City. The Fair consisted of over 30 local artists/groups selling and swapping their zines, buttons, patches and prints. We had a number of other artists who just showed up to participate including one caricaturist Bad Drawings. The event was free for all vendors and visitors could participate in our free workshops or with our Drop & Swap table.


I organized four workshops for kids & adults spaced throughout the day in collaboration with the non-profit, The Blue Bus Project. Those were Paper Folding led by Sam Ita, Collage Zine workshop led by myself, Storytelling & Structure in Comics led by Memo Salazar and Hand Lettering led by Natasha Bhagwanani of Bright & Blue Designs

Event Images

DIY Collage Zine Workshop mini featurette in collaboration with the Blue Bus Project

I created and led this simple zine folding workshop that introduced different formats of zine folding, I shared my zine and comics library for inspiration. Then we all made zines from a single page so it would be easy to reproduce if they wanted. Some participants made small comics or drawings and some collaged their zines. Like the other workshops that day, this program ran for around 45 minutes and took place inside the Blue Bus. The Blue Bus Project is a non-profit, mobile art space run by artist Annalisa Iadicicco. 

Zine Fair collaborative sign book 

Throughout the day I also had participating vendors contribute to our event sign book which turned out to be a wonderful way to remember the event. Cover art by Ivonn Bernal.

7 Line Collective: @7linecollective

Damian Rivera: @damianrivera

Bright & Blue Designs Designs

Janice Quiles-Reyes: @lolaslostnfound

Maria Liebana: @yolabola

The Blue Bus Project: @thebluebusproject


Kris Graves Projects: @kgprojects

Arielle Jennings: @arimjenn

Lulu VanHoagland Art: @luluvanhoagland

Patrick Sinnott: @hence_boog

Danielle Draik: @d.draikart

Samantha Schroeder: @sam_and_that

Mike Jones: @thewholethingwhenhegotthere

Andrew Wheatley: @wheatleyandrew

P-GLiTCHii: @p_glitchii

Michele Witchipoo - Witchesbrewpress: @witchipooart

Elenore “Elliott” Elena: @femmebrandt

Stafford Gregoire: @wQueens7

Ellen Stedfeld: @ellesaurarts

Radhia Rahman: @knivesmeow

Maurice Buckley: @mellowmaurice

Fizz Publishing: @fizzpublishing

Caitlin Allen: @caydeedid

Sophie Brahmi: @randomjunk5Lazy Squire:

Will Chen aka Yunshu: @haywillouis

Margaret McCarthy:,

Memo Salazar: @newyucker

Sam Ita: @sammyita78

Nick McManus @dudemanshouse

NYDA (The New York Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance): @hpanyda

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